Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1 ingredient ice cream....

Okay, many of you know my son and I have an allergy to dairy. Dairy is in EVERYTHING! From bread to Doritos. So I bought a blender and tried the "ice cream" that all the non-dairy people raving about.  You cut up a banana or two and freeze. When they're frozen you put them in the blender, add mix ins, and eat. It tastes like mushed up banana's with a cocoa flavor!(I wanted chocolate ice cream) I don't know what I was thinking?  So many bloggers said it's so rich and creamy and better than any other non-dairy ice cream.  Wrong! I love bananas so it was okay but not giving me my creamy, rich, ice cream fix I wanted. So the moral of the story, try things out for yourself and don't expect ice cream from bananas. 

On a better note I did make these brownies I found on Pinterest and oh my they are delish!
Double stuff Oreos inside!